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Post  jan_petka on Fri Nov 16, 2012 3:54 am

[b][i][u]This is my last message on this forum. I wan't you admin to see it! I'm lucko5, and I got you pwned and you didn't even know anything. You were a realy bad admin and banning for no reason?? what good is this for the server?? If you can't even lead a damn server of minecraft I guess u just can't take such a responsability. If you just forum bann me I really don't care obout this. You didn't like me because of my using of hammer function?? Is it illegal?? U can bann me everywere but you can't change urself from being rude to your members. So now you know...And I think that this server is already almost vanished from the list...I think you are 2 rude to your mambers and I sujjest you that you would aprouve this. Ok I understand if there is a guy that comes to everyones house and starts destroying everything around & griefing, but for using a damn cmd it's too much. Let me tell you that I hate you so much that I cant say it...

Regards to everyone playing this (if enyone does)...

scratch Goodbye forever...


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